Interconnected Technologies LLC provides comprehensive technology services to small businesses. The needs of businesses with 30 or fewer computer users are similar to those of larger businesses, but delivering those services in a cost effective way requires a dramatically different skill set - one in which Interconnected Technologies specializes.

We have developed best practices for the strategic selection and acquisition of technology to solve business problems or add business value, and the installation and support of that technology. Key areas of focus are ensuring stable, well-balanced computers, robust networks, state of the art security, flawless backups, powerful email and convenient access to corporate information from anywhere, using the appropriate tool for the situation: computer, tablet, smartphone, "cloud".

Of particular note these days is "The Cloud". Cloud-based services are everywhere. Interconnected Technologies has been helping its clients select and use cloud-based services for over a decade, and has the experience and skill to aid clients in the complex task of selecting and implementing secure, cost-effective services based on business need.  

While much of our work is done at the client site, we also employ state of the art secure remote support tools which allow us to resolve problems quickly for our clients, on the phone, over the internet - wherever they are.