Interconnected Technologies’ work is a combination of technical and business consulting, computer hardware, software, network and services selection, acquisition, configuration and support through in-person and remote technical support. We also provide computer forensics services and consulting for attorneys. Because each client’s needs and situation are unique, service fees vary and are billed on an hourly basis. While we often recommend and procure hardware, software and services for our clients, we maintain independence from any supplier of products or services, and do not uplift their prices when we incur costs on behalf of our clients. Clients are only charged for the time spent actually providing service. We take great care to be responsible with our time in order to maintain the high value of our services.

We will bill you monthly for our fees and for any expenses and disbursements. Our invoices itemize all time and expenses incurred on your behalf. Should you ever have a question about your bill, we will be happy to answer it. Our bills are delivered electronically and due upon receipt. We are confident that our clients make every effort to pay promptly. Occasionally, however, a client has difficulty in making timely payment. To avoid burdening clients who pay promptly with higher fees as a result of clients who fail to pay promptly, a late payment charge of one percent per month may be assessed on the last day of each month against all unpaid fees and costs which were billed before the beginning of that billing period. If you fail to pay your bills in a timely fashion, we may decline to perform further work on your behalf. In the event that we must commence legal action to collect any sums owed, you will be asked to pay all fees and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, which we necessarily incur.

Please contact us if you require additional information about service fees and policies.

For our clients' convenience, we accept payment by check or credit card. Credit card payments may be made directly through a link in the email contining the invoice.

Payments by check should be sent to:

Interconnected Technologies LLC
2555 Outlook Trail
Broomfield, CO 80020-9686