At Interconnected Technologies we never forget that our entire reason for being here is to serve our clients.

To make communicating with us as efficient and effective as possible, we use two primary tools:

1. Our preferred tool is our support ticketing system, currently provided by Zendesk. This is the very best way to ask for help, since support requests go to everyone in the company, and are tracked for responses. This is the email address:

We have guidance on how to describe a problem, here:

We also have an Outlook email template to help report a problem, for your use if you find it helpful, here:

2. We also employ the services of Vonage Business for voice communication. At this number you can select the person you're trying to reach, and that person will be called on both office and cellular phone. At this time you cannot send text messages to this number:


This number and the support link appear on each page of our web site.