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Zagg invisibleSHIELD 

Over the years I've used these amazing products to protect all sorts of mobile devices. They really are very impressive! If you don't know about them, look:


For my Palm Pre I tried twice to put them on correctly, and gave up. I'd ended up with bubbles and with them not fitting correctly and with parts not sticking well. I also tried other, lesser shields, and found them utterly devoid of value (i.e., they sucked).


Eureka! My daughter was at the mall and found that Zagg has now franchised kiosks (they call them Mall Carts) in malls where enterprising young people who put these things on all day long are there to, well, put these things on all day long! She had them put one on the screen of her new Droid, and they did an excellent job.

Today, I visited the kios . . . I mean Mall Cart and the enterprising young gentleman put an invisibleSHIELD on my Pre. It's perfect! They have tricks, you see, to get it to come out right. I know the tricks now, but I still would be MORE than willing to pay them the $5 service charge to have them do it. They have a 7-day guarantee - if it's not right, they'll do it again! Also, they have a new device guarantee. If I have to return my Pre for a replacement, they'll put an invisibleSHIELD on the new one for just the $5 service charge, waiving the (in the case of the Pre) $15 cost of the product itself.

Why don't they make the screens and backs out of this stuff? Maybe that's next!

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