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How to Unblock an IP address if LogMeIn has blocked it


Interconnected Technologies uses the services of a great company called LogMeIn. We use several of their products, but this article deals with the one most central to our operation: LogMeIn! Yes, this product has the same name as the company. They started with this product, and have expanded to quite a nice line of services. But I digress.

LogMeIn is obsessed with security, as it should be as a company that allows one computer to access another, or many. Part of that obsession involves a limit to the number of times one can try to access a remote computer before the service will simply disallow any further attempts. This can be a good thing, as in the case where someone is trying to gain unwanted access to your computer, or a bad thing, as in the case where you (or we) have tried to access a remote computer too many times with the wrong password and have been locked out.

Let’s deal with these two possible reasons for this happening:

Reason 1: Someone other than you or we tried to gain access to your computer. Here’s how to fix this: call us.

Reason 2: You (or we) tried to access your remote computer too many times with the wrong password. Here’s how to fix this:

  1. Find the LogMeIn icon down in the lower right corner of the screen. The icon looks like a smaller version of this:

  2. Double click that icon to bring up the LogMeIn status window:

  3. Select the Options tab on the left of the window, and click on the Preferences button in the middle of the resulting window:

  4. Once in Preferences, select the Security tab in the middle at the top of the window, and scroll all the way to the bottom of window:

  5. Here you will see an indication of one or more blocked IP addresses. In the bottom-most section, click on Unblock all button to remove the block.
  6. That’s it!.

Remember if you don’t know why an address is blocked, see the advice under Reason 1, above.

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