The short answer: you have better, more important things to do with your time than managing technology.  It’s what we do every day, we love doing it, and we have the skill and experience to do it very, very well.

The long answer: Our clients engage us to perform a variety of services.  If you're reading this it may just be that you need help with some aspect of information technology - computers, software, networks, cloud computing, mobile devices. Something. Most Interconnected Technologies clients come to us because something is broken. All of our clients stay with us because the end result of working with us is a smoothly-functioning I/T infrastructure that fades into the background, allowing people to be more productive in getting their work done, rather than constanting battling the technology.

The longer answer: The promise of increased productivity and capability: do more, better, faster. Keep track of things; run your business better; keep in touch with the world; with friends, family, clients, future clients. Get connected to the internet; get and share information needed to make better decisions. We all hear it every day on television, in magazines and business journals: the promises of what computer hardware, software and networking can deliver; how they can make our lives and our businesses better. They can, but there’s a catch.

Today, computers cost a small fraction of what they did just 10 years ago, and they are hundreds of times more powerful. Digital cameras and digital music have become prevalent, paperless filing and electronic delivery of customer information have become a reality for small and home-based businesses, and computer storage technology has increased in size a thousand fold to hold these new types of information. In just the last 5 years, networking equipment has dropped 90% in cost and can now deliver to homes, home offices and small businesses capabilities that were only available to large businesses just a few short years ago. Broadband connection to the internet has enabled businesses and people to maintain a constant connection to the world of information.  PDAs and laptop computers have made it easy for people to take information with them wherever they go.

Because of this, computers are becoming ubiquitous, and are being used in more and more areas of our business and personal lives – for everything from purchasing movie tickets to delivering invoices to clients.

But there’s something missing. What, exactly, do you need? How do you actually make all this stuff work together? With so much more information, and so many more types of information being stored on computers, where do you put it; how do you keep it safe; what happens if something goes wrong? Devices that hold our information and allow us to connect to the world can break; get lost; get stolen. How do you protect against that, and how do you set all this up in the first place? The individual devices themselves have become simpler to use as they’ve become more powerful, but they are still not simple to use, and each one has its own unique quirks. With so many more of them, the complexity of using them all together has increased. How do you manage that complexity? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then using all this powerful, fancy technology, which is so inexpensive and easy to buy, can be a frustrating, unproductive experience – wasting your time (and money) rather than saving you time.

That’s where Interconnected Technologies comes in. We can help you make sense of all this technology. We can help you decide what you need, help you get it and make it work, and fix it when it breaks.

The two most important factors when choosing a company to help with your information technology needs are Skill and Trust. Don Ferguson, our founder and president, spent his 20-year career at IBM developing the technology, business management and project management skills to ensure the correct information technology solution to any business problem. Mr. Ferguson was entrusted with some of IBM’s largest and most sensitive worldwide projects during his career. As a PMI certified Project Management Professional since 1995, Mr. Ferguson also adheres to the PMI Code of Professional Conduct, available at the PMI web site. Since founding Interconnected Technologies, Mr. Ferguson has been entrusted with the most sensitive details of his clients’ business and personal data, and has developed a reputation of absolute trust among his clients. All employees of Interconnected Technologies as well as any subcontractors used for special projects are carefully screened for these two traits before they are allowed to work with our clients.