Need help right now? 

Interconnected Technologies uses secure remote access tools and services which allow us to provide secure, immediate remote support to our clients.  This service is easy to set up, and once installed will function without any additional work. For computer support, this allows us to provide a wide variety of services immediately, even on a computer we've never laid eyes on. 

We are based in Colorado but have clients in many US states and Canada. The same secure, remote support tools that allow us to provide support to a client in Los Angeles, Denver or Toronto allow us to provide quick no-wait support to all of our clients, regardless of geography - theirs or ours.

To enable remote access to our clients' computers, we employ products provided by LogMeIn and Splashtop, both leaders in highly secure remote access. These services form the backbone of our ability to support clients anywhere, any time.

For established clients:

We install persistent remote access, enabled by LogMeIn or Splashtop, that can be turned on and off at a client's discretion. When remote access is needed, the computer should be turned on, plugged in to A/C power, be connected to the internet, and be attended (if we plan to work together with the user of the computer) or unattended (if we plan to work independently).

If you want to determine whether LogMeIn is enabled and ready, you see that:

In Windows: hover over the LogMeIn icon in the "System Tray" (down near the date and time, typically in the lower right corner of the screen).  You may need to click on the Show Hidden Icons triangle symbol to see the LogMeIn icon. The icon is a blue circle with three white dots inside. If LogMeIn is ready, it will say "LogMeIn - Enabled and Online".

In MacOS: hover over the LogMeIn icon on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the screen. The LogMeIn icon is a black circle with three white dots inside. If LogMeIn is ready, it will say "Accessible - No remote users are connected".

For new clients, or new computers for existing clients:

We use Splashtop's SOS service. To access this, go to: 

A small program will install, and soon the SOS application will present you with a 9-digit code which we can use to temporarily access your computer to provide assistance. 

It can be a little disconcerting, and even a bit amusing at first to see one's computer doing things under the control of a remote computer, but it is by far the fastest, most efficient way to provide quick support in many cases!