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Norton Internet Security 2009

I've discussed with most of my clients how much of an improvement NIS 2009 is over its predecessors.  I've also said time and again that with a properly configured Norton Internet Security program in place, NOT ONE virus or other attack has gotten through and done damage to any of my machines or any machine of any client - that's hundreds of computers over many years with not one incident of a virus or other infection.  This has been the case for over 5 years now, and this article in PC Magazine just reinforces what I and my clients have experienced:  NIS is the best security suite around.  I've also discussed with many folks the fact that one of the key reasons NIS is so powerful is that Symantec bought the entire antivirus research and operation of the IBM Watson Research Center - picking up some very powerful antivirus technology to wed with their already-superior user interface.  It just keeps improving every year:


New in the 2009 version is an almost eery 2-minute install time and almost completly invisible operation.   In addition, the spyware protection in the new version is good enough that I'm gradually discontinuing the use of Spysweeper (which is really a huge resource hog) for additional spyware protection on all but the most spyware susceptible machines.  Yes, you have to pay me to know what that means!

For my clients I can download and install this new version as a free, in-place upgrade to NIS 2007 or 2008 (continuing the license term of either of those products) or as a new installation - remembering that one license serves up to 3 PCs.

If you are interested, take a look at the PC Magazine article - the best just keeps on getting better. 

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