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New Palm Pre - will it replace the BlackBerry for some?  Me?

Well, Palm has finally come out with an announcement of a new device, the Palm Pre.  It's here:


You can read about it here:


As many know, I've been using a BlackBerry for about a year now, and have some things that the BB does very well that I'll be looking for on the Pre:

  1. Removable storage.  I keep a 16gb card in my Curve and it holds enough music that I don't feel the need for an iPod.  Rumor has it that the Pre won't have removable storage.  If true, that would be a real shame.
  2. Quick and simple access to routine things.  The original PalmOS was superb at this.  The BlackBerry is almost as good in general, and has some quick-access things that surpass anything else around:
    • In the call log, when one has called someone, one can press the "pearl" button and bring up the a list of all of that person's phone numbers (not just the one last dialed).
    • Ability to go from the call log to viewing/editing a contact in one step.
  3. True speed dials.  I can put my voicemail number in my phonebook, along with an appropriate pause and then the password.  Yes, the Treo's Favorites application could do this, but it's built in to the BB, and survives going from one device to the next.
  4. Full sync with Exchange.  Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes.  For most people, there is no need to sync with desktop software.  The Treo/Centro can sync the first three only.  Hoping the Pre can do all five.
  5. Profiles.  At first I was a little put off by them, but completely configurable ring/sound profiles that can be customized for different circumstances are quite handy, once set up. 
  6. Amazing Bluetooth control.  The Palm Bluetooth implementation was always pretty bad.  The BB Bluetooth implementation is excellent, and includes the ability to switch between Bluetooth devices during a call. 
  7. Responsiveness.  When I press the speakerphone button on the BB, the speakerphone comes on instantly.  No delay like the Treo/Centro.  Everything on the Curve works like that - instant response.  Just like the old Palm devices used to be.  The Treo/Centro have a delay sometimes, which I attribute to the slower processor.  Then again. the BlackBerry Storm has a very fast processor, and still had significant responsiveness problems (one of the reasons I took it back).
  8. Speakerphone that is (finally) loud enough. No Treo/Centro ever had this.  I hope the Pre's speakerphone is loud enough to warrant being turned down from maximum occasionally.
  9. As corny as the little magnet in the BB cases originally seemed to me, I really do like the ability to by just pushing the device into the case, ensure that it is entirely unresponsive to outside pressure.  The standby button on the top accomplishes the same thing.  I hope the Pre will have something similar to one or both of these.

OK, that's enough for now.  You can read about all the other things the Pre is already advertised to do at the links above.  As always, I'm focused on the little subtleties that make a device really productive to use.

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