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Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch - long name, great phone?!

Yes, I do buy too many of these things. How else to learn about them, though, in order to better serve my clients?

So today: to the Sprint store to buy the Epic Touch, as I'll call it.

First impressions in no particular order (comparing it, in some cases, to my previous phone, the Motorola Photon, 'till now the best Android phone I've tried, minus a few V.1 annoyances):

  • Very big screen; very thin phone
  • USB connector is on the bottom, as is proper!
  • Power button is on the upper side, as is typical for Samsung. Volume on the other side, so ONE of them is going to get blocked if this thing has a side-loaded dock as is typical of Samsung. Power button should be at the top.
  • Unlike the Photon, and every other Android phone I've tried, the built in calendar text is big enough for me to read - maybe no add-on calendar needed - yey!
  • Unlike the Photon, the built in Exchange client gets the contact pictures from Exchange.
  • Haptic feedback is more pleasant than the Photon.
  • All-black color scheme in most built in apps makes sense when you remember that the AMOLED screen only delivers/uses power for the pixels that are turned on. No backlight, which means pixel off/black=no power consuption.
  • More as I have time - so far it's a keeper!


This device, as with others recently, has two "SD Cards" an internal one and an external one. This inelegant architecture, in this case, has the internal 16gb of memory accessed as an "SD card" here :


and the external card (which is actually a card) here:


Why? Good question.

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