It's way more than email. 

If you're already a user of one of Interconnected Technologies' preferred Exchange providers or GSuite (formerly Google Apps), you already know how much more.

If you're not using Microsoft Exchange, G Suite, or web-based email service, you're using email from the 1980's.

What you get with MODERN EMAIL: All of your email, contacts and calendar, available across multiple computers, tablets, smartphones and via the web on any internet-connected computer, all the same, all kept in sync all the time. Your email is stored securely on the server and managed so that if you lose a phone or computer or tablet, you don't lose your email, contacts and calendar. This, without being tied to the limited service provided by web hosting companies.

For years the world's largest corporations have relied on Microsoft Exchange to provide secure, highly-available, industrial-strength email. provided through expensive servers and costly I/T staffs. A new category of service provider emerged several years ago to provide Microsoft Exchange for small businesses and even individual users.  Interconnected Technologies has done substantial research into these companies and has partnered with two Exchange hosting companies that provide excellent service at a reasonable price: Rackspace and Microsoft.

In addition, Google developed and has continued to enhance its own hosted email offering - G Suite (formerly Google Apps) - which provides many of the functions of Microsoft Exchange. In fact, to our 501(c)(3) non-profit clients, it's free.

Anyone who currently uses Outlook for email, or has an Android device, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone should take a look at hosted Microsoft Exchange or G Suite. Your use of Outlook will continue uninterrupted, but you will see the following benefits:

  1. Microsoft Exchange: Microsoft Outlook was written by Microsoft to be a client for Exchange. Once you set up your mailbox, Outlook will continuously communicate with Exchange, keeping everything in sync. Outlook Web Access, the "webmail" for Exchange offers all the functions of traditional webmail, but is far more than that. Rather than being a separate mechanism to read and send email, as most webmail services are, Outlook Web Access gives you access to your entire Exchange mailbox - email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and shared folders. Anything you do in Outlook Web Access is recorded in your Exchange mailbox, and is reflected back in Outlook, and on any mobile device that also accesses the mailbox.
  2. G Suite: Access your email using the familiar Gmail web interface, or use the provided sync tool to sync your G Suite mailbox with Outlook.
  3. Either type of service: Whether on an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone/iPad, Blackberry or Windows Phone, you can access your Exchange or G Suite mailbox from your mobile device. Email, contacts, calendar and tasks are there for you, wherever you are. Changes made on your mobile device are sync'd to the server in real time and sync'd to all other devices with access to the mailbox. Share calendars, address books and task lists with co-workers.

Exchange mailboxes and G Suite mailboxes are affordable: well within reach of small business and individual clients.

For clients who want a free offering, Microsoft's and Google's offer many of the benefits of their paid counterparts, without the custom domain naming available with hosted Exchange and G Suite. Unlike free email service from Comcast or CenturyLink, These services allow you to have a permanent email address, with lots of storage, that you can keep forever. offers the Gmail webmail interface that many people like, with limited sync capabilities with desktop email clients. offers a web-based user interface similar to that offered by hosted Exchange services, and also allows direct syncing of email, contacts, calendar and tasks with Outlook using the same protocols used by hosted Exchange. Each service offers access to email, contacts and calendar via the web, on mobile devices, and (for in Outlook. All for free.

Whether you choose a paid or free option, modern email can significantly enhance your productivity.