Big businesses have Chief Information Officers to manage all aspects of technology. Some lucky small businesses have people they can turn to for help: people who are paid to know how information technology - from computers and networks to cloud-based services that can extend the reach of small business capabilities to multiple locations and mobile employees.

You can have that too.

Small businesses, home-based businesses and residential clients need help navigating the world of technology someone who has the technical skill AND the big-picture focus to make sure the technology serves its purpose. 

Some of the reasons you might call Interconnected Technologies:

  • You see "The Cloud" everywhere, but don't know which services are a good fit for business needs...
  • You’re having trouble with your computers and you want them fixed...
  • You have great computers but you don’t know if you’re getting the most out of them...
  • You want to buy new equipment and want to maximize the cost effectiveness of the purchase...
  • You need to connect your computers and other devices but you don’t know how...
  • You don’t know if your data is safe or secure...
  • You already know a lot about computers but you want to spend your time on your business, not your technology...
  • You know absolutely nothing about all this computer stuff, and you want help from someone you can depend on and who really knows this stuff...

People usually call us because someone they trust has recommended us. They continue to work with us because we make technology work for them.

We specialize in the selection of high-value technology products and services to meet business needs, implementing those products and services efficiently, and resolving issues quickly when they happen. A key aspect of our service is putting products and services that are the most reliable available. The breadth of our skills allows us to offer solutions to almost any small business, home-based business or residential computing need. We specialize in Microsoft Windows-based technology, but manage many Apple devices, the networking to unite computers and other devices into a productive, efficient computing environment, and cloud-based services to extend the reach of technology beyond just computers and networks. 


People seek us out because our clients see immediate and long-term results from the services we provide.

Select, install and configure and support

It is very easy to waste money on technology. With experience it’s also very easy not to. InterconnectedTechnologies specializes in helping its clients select, install and configure the right types of technology to accomplish their business and personal objectives, and supporting that technology after its in place

  • Equipment. Desktop and laptop computers, printers, scanners, mobile devices. These are the window into all the rest.
  • Software. Operating system, office, productivity and application software.
  • Networking. Wired, wireless and broadband networking including appropriate security and firewalls.
  • "The Cloud". Off-premise services that supply business value, isolate users from the failure of any local technology or facilities failures, and extend the reach of small business technology to nearly any location. Email is an excellent example of this. File storage and sharing is another. 

Systems Management

This is the area on which people and businesses large and small focus last, if at all, until something goes wrong. Hardware and software failures, viruses, spyware and spam can all result in losing valuable data, not to mention time. Recovering from a failure without proper prior planning and preparation can be very expensive. Taking steps now to prevent data loss due to a failure can cost very little.

  • Backup and recovery software and services, security, antivirus, and firewall technology.


  • We believe that people should learn enough about their own technology environment to accomplish their goals efficiently. We offer education to make our clients more self-sufficient, but will gladly provide ongoing support to clients who are not interested in the details of their technology – just what it can do for them.

Resolving problems when they happen

When something you have isn’t working right and you need it fixed, we provide the finest on-site support you’ll find. Whether your problem is with one computer or many, with an application or other piece of software, a virus, spyware, spam, or your network, we can get you back working fast.

In most cases we can provide immediate support for problems using state of the art, secure remote support tools. If you need immediate help, please call us. If your network and internet connection are working, once you contact us we can begin helping immediately. We use an industry-standard tool that ensures a fully secure connection from end to end, with no software to buy. 

Preventing problems before they happen

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true in life and vital in a world filled with hackers, viruses, spyware and spam. Selecting and installing the right hardware, software, services and network are critically important to ensuring your investment in technology results in business and personal productivity. Having us keep things running well for you is the final piece of the puzzle, to make sure all of this technology continues to perfom well over time.

 Other services.

  • For service we don't provide directly - such as extensive network wiring, web site development, or application development - we locate and recommend excellent providers in those areas.