Our "Build" process is a detailed set of over 100 steps, honed over many years, that takes a system "out of the box" or an already-used system and readies it for its most productive use.

 In the past year we have added steps to take advantage of Windows 10's improvements without sacrificing a familiar user environment. In addition, we address several privacy concerns that exist with the information Microsoft collects about every Windows 10 system.

 At a high level, our process addresses these key areas:


  • Base Windows setup
  • Computer registration
  • Remote access installation
  • Power settings
  • Windows 10 basic setup
  • Windows 10 privacy and update settings
  • Administrative user setup
  • System utilities installation
  • Default software installation and setup
  • Manufacturer software updates
  • Microsoft updates
  • Owning user account setup
  • Security installation and configuration
  • Backup installation and configuration
  • Browser selection and configuration
  • User-specific software installation and configuration
  • Microsoft Office installation and configuration
  • Outlook email client setup
  • File service setup
  • Encryption configuration
  • User-specific device setup and configuration


 Our Build process makes sure you get the most out of your investment in a new computer, or that you get the longest life possible about out of an existing computer.


This process typically takes between 2 and 5 billable hours, depending on client needs, computer condition, and internet speed.