Interconnected Technologies Managed Service

When we first work with clients, we make sure each computer system is tuned and balanced properly, has appropriate backup and security in place, and is generally in the best shape possible to perform its intended function reliably, whether it’s a brand new computer or an experienced one. After this initial tuning, the amount of time required with each individual computer typically drops substantially as we achieve our goal of making technology “just work”. 

After initial work with Interconnected Technologies:



However, over time subtle changes on individual computers can go unnoticed by the user, and many routine maintenance items vital to the correct ongoing function and protection of computers and data can be overlooked. This applies equally to Windows and MacOS computers.

Lack of attention to these items can result in backup failures, security breaches, installation of unintended, incompatible or dangerous software, performance issues, missed system and application maintenance and loss of user data. These issues can come at inopportune times and cost significantly more money than keeping the systems functioning correctly in the first place.

Without Managed Services:


Interconnected Technologies Managed Service offering addresses these problems by providing a fixed, low-cost service designed to ensure regular monitoring and maintenance of each computer, better ensuring its performance, reliability, stability and longevity. It is the best way to ensure that your computers continue to function as you need them to, for as long as possible, and allow you to focus on your business, rather than on problems with your I/T environment.

With Managed Services:  




Managed Services includes periodic review of key aspects of computer operation:

  • Review of computer configuration and error logs
  • Ensure computer and network security are functional
  • Check automated data backup and recovery systems
  • Perform general tuning
  • Ensure currency of critical software
  • Remove unneeded software
  • Make recommendations for any hardware changes to ensure balanced hardware
  • General computer and network tuning
  • Note recommendations for anything outside the scope of the review
  • Implement changes based on security advisories and trends

Ensuring reliability and security of users' computers is key to enabling their access to other services such as modern email, backup, and file services. Making sure those services continue to function correctly is key to computer user productivity. Managed Services is another step toward ensuring we always meet the goal of making the technology “just work.”

The choice for Managed Services: